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From Akume in Togo to Pho in Vietnam, street food constitutes up to 40% of the daily diet of urban consumers in the developing world.

The simple, yet, exotic flavours also make street food cuisine an increasingly popular dish in the West - with markets, recipe books and even restaurants specialising in dishes from the streets of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Yet, the rich cultural importance of street food is fragile.

Globalisation and urban development threaten these age-old traditions and, despite street food’s vital importance to local communities, there are serious health issues to contend with.

Consumers International (CI) is working to preserve street food life, so that local consumers, street food sellers and inquisitive travellers can enjoy these great dishes safely.

STREETFOOD.org explores the wonderful variety of dishes on offer, bringing the recipes, the vendors and the customers to life.

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What is street food?

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